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Building the data platform of tomorrow

We give superpowers to the data scientists and engineers of the world so they can make sense of their data and build applications at scale on top of it. Today it takes a lot of manual and mechanical work to build, deploy, configure, and maintain big data applications. Our team of data scientists, data engineers and data infrastructure experts got together around the mission to build the most easy-to-use platform for our peers.

A containerized and serverless infrastructure that lets you unleash the power of Apache Spark on massive datasets in the cloud as easily as if you’re working locally. Focus on your data while we handle the mechanics.

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If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?

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We’re a group of passionate individuals who like to spend time together. We like challenges and we challenge ourselves. Together we’re building this company from the ground up. Does it sound like you would be a good fit ? Check our open positions or reach out to us directly.

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